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Progressive Productions provide ​high-end aerial cinematography services, employing a crew of highly experienced pilots and cinematographers. 

Our first choice UAV is the DJI Inspire 2 fitted with the X7, a Super35 14 Stop camera, recording ProRes, ProRes RAW, or Cinema DNG.

  • X7 Camera designed to match Dynamic Range and sensor size of Arri and RED.

  • 9mm, 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm prime lenses.

  • Complete backup for those sets that cannot tolerate equipment malfunction or damage.

  • In-van electricity to enable all day charging and flying.

  • Permission to fly up to 500m VLOS or 1000m EVLOS.

  • Special Operating Permission to fly in Ireland (IAA), and UK (CAA).

  • €7.5m PL insurance

We also fly our octocopter 25kg heavylift drone for special payloads such as 360 cameras and lighting.

How high, far, and fast can you go?

Legally, we can fly up to 120m (400ft) above ground level, and 1000m (3,280ft) away from operating position. In sport mode, the Inspire 2 can exceed 110km/h.

Can I have a go?


How long can you fly for?

Each set of batteries allow for approx 15 mins of flight time. We charge batteries with our in-van electricity system to keep us flying all day long without fear of running out of juice.

Do you need special permissions?

Sometimes. You can see an interactive map here. The IAA have made great improvements to their system since drones became a 'thing', and permissions are usually approved within 24 hours, although 7 days is recommended. There are a few other locations that require Military or Garda permission, but this is also a relatively straightforward affair that we have done many times before. We also have permissions from the CAA, and insurance cover, for flying in Northern Ireland and United Kingdom.

Can you fly at night or in the city?

Yes. We have experience and confidence flying at night, and in urban or other challenging environments.​

Can you fly over people and roads?

Paraphrasing from the "STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS. S.I. No. 563 of 2015"

A drone may NOT fly at a distance of less than 30 metres from a person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under the direct control of the operator, or at a distance of less than 120 metres from an assembly of 12 or more persons not under the direct control of the operator.


Can I broadcast your video feed to my big screens or OB truck in real time?

Yes. Just give us the end of a BNC or HDMI lead and we're good to go. We can even live stream to the internat if you like.


Can you do VR and 360 aerials?

Yes. We have even developed a customised Movi capable of carrying 360 cameras at the end of a long pole to minimise the intrusion of the craft in the video capture, and physically stabilise the camera as close as possible to the moving craft. Most people just hard mount their cameras and hope to fix it in post.

Flying LEDs | Aerial Lighting

Since the rise of these amazing cameras and drones, our heavy lift rig found itself without a purpose in life. So we have adapted her to fly custom-built, high-power, gimbal stabilised, LED lighting .

  • FPV video camera fitted for video downlink to enable precise aiming of the light.

  • 3200K and 6500K versions.

  • Works with or without reflectors and other modifiers.

  • Can also be mounted to RC Car, a real car, cablecam, handheld, or anywhere else you care to put it.

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