Choose Progressive Productions to supplement and assist your existing production crew with specialist units,

or to take the reigns as Director of Photography.

Check out our Tech Reel for a taste of some of our video production skills.

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Progressive Productions is headed by Martin Osborne, an experienced Director of Photography, shooting many types of projects. Including Advertising, TV, Online, Corporate videos, Drama, Events, Greenscreen, Timelapse, Interviews, and more.

Check out his profiles and reels at

Martin, and a number of other DoPs and camera operators ...


Progressive Productions provide a complete camera stabilisation and remote head solution, for handheld, vehicles, dollies, jibs and cranes.

What is a Movi?

The heart of our stabilisation system is the Freefly MoviPro. A 3 axis gimbal that compensates for tilt, pan, and roll movements to keep the camera level and pointed in the right direct...


Go where drones and tracks can’t go.

Over a swimming pool, over crowds at festivals, concerts, and other events, over city streets, in a TV Studio, rugged/inhospitable landscape: forest, beach etc, over pews in a church.


The Cablecam system is comprised of 3 main parts:

Rope & Sled,



Progressive Productions provide ​high-end aerial cinematography services, employing a crew of highly experienced pilots and cinematographers. 

Our first choice UAV is the DJI Inspire 2 fitted with the X7, a Super35 14 Stop camera, recording ProRes, ProRes RAW, or Cinema DNG.

  • X7 Camera designed to match Dynamic Range and sensor size of Arri and RED.

  • Backup airframe for those sets that cannot tolerate equipment malfunction.

  • In-van electricity to enable all day charging and flying.

  • Permission to fly up to 500m VLOS or 1000...


Getting good shots from a moving vehicle can be tricky.

​We use a combination of Movi, vibration isolation, and hard mounts to get great shots every time...


We don't like to limit ourselves, so here is our "MORE" section!

RC Car

Mount a full Movi package, LEDs, or 360 cameras to this little beast.

Fitted with FPV cam...

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