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First-class resource for video production, specialising in aerials & camera movement.

Director of Photography

Highend production on set or location.

We shoot for Ads, TV, Corporate, and Web.

Camera Stabilisation
& Movi

Industry leading stabilisation for handheld, vehicles, jibs etc.

Includes lens control and wireless monitoring. 

Drones & Aerial Photography

Big drones, small drones... Whatever you need. Our current fav is the Inspire 2 with X7 camera.

We also fly a selection of high powered LED lights.

IAA and CAA Aerial work permits for work in Ireland, and UK

Super Crews

More skills, less people.

Movi, drones, cable-cam, timelapse, MoCo, cameras, skateboards, and more: all from one small crew.

Creative Director

Like our style?

Talk to us about creating ideas and solutions for your project.


Upto 200m of really fast (or really slow), silent running CableCam.

We offer creative & technical production services for agencies, production companies, directors, filmmakers, and full-service production packages for companies and brands.

We produce all kinds of media for advertising, TV, web, corporate videos, music videos and film.

Give us a call or send us an email.


+353 86 826 5902

››› About

Based in Dublin city, Progressive Productions is headed up by Martin Osborne and supported by a network of industry professionals.

Martin is a Director of Photography, camera-man, creative director, Movi operator, drone pilot, and post-production ninja.

Have a look at his reel.


››› Economy & Bleeding-edge technology

Exceptional value available on aerial shots when you employ our ground-based shooting or DoP services. Per flight pricing and stock footage options available.

Call for more details.

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+353 86 826 5902