Progressive Productions provide a complete camera stabilisation and remote head solution, for handheld, vehicles, dollies, jibs and cranes.

What is a Movi?

The heart of our stabilisation system is the Freefly MoviPro. A 3 axis gimbal that compensates for tilt, pan, and roll movements to keep the camera level and pointed in the right direction at all times.

How do you control the Movi?

There are 3 options.


Handheld - The operator holding the Movi can adjust pan and tilt by turning and tipping the gimbal.


Joystick control via the Movi Controller,


And MIMIC control. This is one of the most interesting. The MIMIC wil mimic any motion it experiences. This allows for things like tripod control, head tracking, and other creative solutions.

How do you pull focus?

The MoviPro has an integrated, fully featured, 3 axis FIZ lens control system. The Movi Controller has dedicated wheels and rockers for all three axis. Any of the three channels can be controlled from a separate hand unit.


We can also mount almost any other 3rd party LCS that you wish.

How do you monitor the recording?

Wireless monitoring of the camera feed is absolutely essential for Movi setups, and only the best will do. Nothing stops production quicker than a dodgy video link. We use Teradek Bolt 3000, spec’d for up to 3000 feet and featuring Rapid Reconnect and Dynamic Frequency Selection technologies. We can even add a high-gain antenna array panel for added confidence in even the noisiest RF environments.

What cameras and lenses can you put in the Movi?

All of the ones that matter: Alexa Mini, RED, Sony F5, Canon C300, DSLR etc.


The camera and lens combination is limited by the depth of the cage, so some of the longer and front heavy setups aren’t suitable. However, we have modified our Movi with Tilt Offset brackets and counter weight systems to allow for bigger, heavier configurations with all of the accessories you need; Lens gears, Matte box, and 4x5.65 Filters.

What can you mount the Movi to?

We can mount the Movi to almost anything using an array of hardware and vibration isolators. Wheeled or tracked dollies, jibs and cranes, cablecam, on-road and off-road vehicles, shopping trolleys and anything else you can think of.

How safe is it to put expensive cameras and lenses on to moving vehicles?

Very safe. We maintain and prepare our mounting equipment very carefully: suction cups, clamps, bolt-on and tie-down components.


This practise has also lead us to create a new product from our real-life need to protect our, and other peoples, expensive lenses and filters from debris. We call them CineProtect Filters. They are ultra clear acrylic filters packed with technology, and weigh only 50g. Over 98% light transmission, Anti-reflective (less than 1.6%), blocks 99% of UV, Anti-shatter and scratch.

We use these Cine Protect Filters either alone in a matte box, or in conjunction with other 4x5.65” filters so that we can get our camera pointing into the wind and low to the road without fear of cracking a lens.

What makes your Movi setup better than the competition?

Our Movi system is upgraded and accessorised for maximum control, performance, and reliability.

Control - The Movi Controller with Mimic functionality and 7” UltraBright monitor on a heavy-duty Satchler 19SB Cine Tripod are the perfect ground station. The Movi can “mimic” the pan and tilt of the tripod ground station, which creates natural and controlled movement for perfect framing every time.
Lens control - We have full control of focus, iris and zoom with Chrosiel CDM-100 lens motors and all the gears we need to drive just about any lens. This is controlled via the Movi Controller or RedRock Movi Commander.


Signal - FRX Pro signal booster for MoviPro ensures stable link for cablecam, aerial, and other long range applications unto 5000ft.
Our Teradek Bolt 3000 and SmallHD Focus Sidekick wireless monitoring setup is proving to be bullet proof. Directors, clients, focus pullers, and OB trucks will never complain about our signal. And tangled cables are a thing of the past.

Power - IgniteDigi TB50 battery adapters allow us to power hungry rigs for longer by using high powered drone batteries.

Support - We use a ReadyRig GS because it's the best gimbal support vest available today. Smooth, repeatable moves are easy for hours. The addition of a swivel joint makes movement in any direction a walk in the park.


Capacity - Cinemilled counterweight system allows us to mount heavier lenses. And the Bright Tangerine MisFit Atom is the lightest 2 stage matte box system available, which makes it perfect for Movi setups.


Strength - Even our Pan Motor mount has been upgraded to provide more strength and reliability in high speed applications, such as cablecam, vehicle mounting, or when nose mounting for 360 rolls.

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