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Easy_ Cablecam fits seamlessly into your production. Quick and easy setups. Multiple setups each day are possible.

Reliable_ Cablecam nails the shot every time, and our custom power solutions allow us to shoot for hours without any battery changes. We even carry a spare sled for redundancy and confidence.

Safe_ Operate over crowds. Go where drones can't - festivals, live music, events, sport

Secondary safety rope

​Load Cells to monitor forces

Non-restrictive gimbal safety wire 

Digital end-points Physical soft-stoppers

EG / CE certified BGV-C1/DGUV-17 accredited

Fit for purpose_ The best technology ensures our video and control links are as rock steady as our camera moves. Suitable for live events and busy RF environments.

All-in-one service makes it easy to add cablecam to your shoot - Cablecam, remote head, cameras, full remote FIZ, zoom and prime cine lenses, long range wireless video, crew, and transport.
All battery operated, no mains power required.

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