Go where drones and tracks can’t go.

Over a swimming pool, over crowds at festivals, concerts, and other events, over city streets, in a TV Studio, rugged/inhospitable landscape: forest, beach etc, over pews in a church.


The Cablecam system is comprised of 3 main parts:

Rope & Sled,

Stabilising gimbal,

Camera & lens.


How is it powered?

The Sled is powered by dual 24v LiPo batteries that last for 3+ hours.

The MoviPro is powered with 2 x TB55 batteries that can power the gimbal, camera, and all accessories for 2+ hours.

How long can a Cablecam rope be?

We have rope for lengths up to 200m. The cablecam can climb slopes of about 10%.


Is it safe to use over people?

Yes. It is EG / CE certified, and BGV-C1/DGUV-17 accredited.

Digital end points can be set, and a secondary rope can be used.

Load Cells are used to measure and monitor forces.

A custom safety wire mounted to the top of the pan motor provides redundancy for the gimbal mount while maintaining full 360 degree rotation without tangling, obstructing the lens, or affecting gimbal performance.


How do you control the Cablecam and camera?

We use customised radio controllers and motor speed controllers for precise control of acceleration and speed of the sled, a secondary FPV camera  helps us hit the right spot every time. Speeds as slow as 0.1 m/s, up to approx +60 km/h.


When it comes to the stabilisation gimbal / remote head, our choice is the MoviPro. The Movi is remotely operated by the Movi Controller which provides a joystick to control pointing, or MIMIC control with a tripod which creates very natural camera movements. Hot swap batteries for continuous power. Full remote FIZ control. FRXPro 900MHz long range control link.


Sounds complicated. Is it quick to setup?

Yes and no. The actual fixing and tightening of the rope takes minutes, but sometimes reaching the fixing point can take some extra effort. Access to the camera is needed for things like battery changes and troubleshooting, so the operators position should be planned accordingly, especially for live events.


If we are supplying the camera package, it can arrive fully assembled and mounted in the Movi for extremely fast setup times.


I’m shooting a live event. How do I get a video signal from the Cablecam?

We use top of the range Teradek Bolt 3000 video transmitter, which provides a crystal clear, zero latency feed from the camera. This performs amazingly well even in noisy RF environments. For added confidence, we can add a high-gain directional antenna array.


What cameras can go in the Cablecam?

Any camera that fits in the MoviPro can be used with the Cablecam.

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